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Jay Block

The #1 Rapid Employment Expert in the World and Best Selling Author of the 5 Steps to Rapid Employment

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Promise #1. This stuff works. I'll never ask you to do or try anything based on hope or wishful thinking.

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What is the 5 Steps to Rapid Employment?

A simple, motivational rapid employment process that has helped millions land the jobs they want at the pay they deserve.

So what makes the 5 Steps to Rapid Employment so effective?

  • Its a COMPLETE system.... Faithfully follow the 5 Steps and rapid employment is virtually assured.

  • It's a Proven Process... used successfully by countless job seekers over the past 15 years.

  • You don't go at it alone. You have a coach and a mentor to guide you every step of the way.

  • It's highly motivational - each step inspires confidence and a positive attitude.

  • Fear and frustration are neutralized or downright eliminated.

  • It teaches you to make the right decisions - so you don't waste time correcting mistakes you didn't have to make in the first place, including how to choose the RIGHT job or career to live a RICH life!

  • It introduces you to a job campaign; not a job search... because job search flat out does NOT work.
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We’re here for you every step of the way!

The 5 Steps to Rapid Employment Leadership Team understands that selling yourself in order to land a good job can be a daunting task… perhaps one of the most difficult things you’ll ever have to do.  But know that you never have to go it alone.  We are here to help you achieve all that you REALLY want.  NEVER give up on your dreams or those of your family.  Anything is possible if you’re committed. We care about you.  We care about your success.  You see, integrity is our #1 company value.  And we promise to always provide you with cutting edge strategies, world-class tools, and unprecedented  support and guidance.  We look forward to serving you… and helping your dreams come true.

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Jay Block, President
The Jay Block Companies, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Jay Block is a highly respected industry pioneer and is the creator of 5 Steps to Rapid Employment.  With more than 20 years’ of high-profile experience in the field, Jay is the author of 18 motivational career-related titles including 12 best-selling books published by McGraw-Hill. Jay is best known for combining world-class motivational techniques with world class, cutting-edge job campaign tools and strategies.

Bruce Wahlgren, National Training Director
President and Lead Trainer, Workforce Excellence Group, LLC
Westminster, MD

With more than 30 years of career and employment training and management experience, Bruce is one of the top trainers of the 5 Steps to Rapid Employment program in the country. Bruce guides organizations including the Workforce System and private enterprises through process of incorporating the 5 Steps to Rapid Employment program into their menu of services, ensuring successful program implementation, integration of best practices, selection of appropriate delivery formats, and maximizing outcomes.


Todd Alan Sloane, Best Practices Director
Career Services Advisor, RochesterWorks Rochester, NY

Not only one of the nation’s top 5 Steps to Rapid Employment trainers, Todd brings unique and refined skills that ensure industry leading benchmarks in program delivery and quality.  Todd is involved with every aspect of the program from content review, program design and implementation, technology integration, curriculum interface, tracking, and quality improvements.  Todd also trains job seekers, frontline career trainers, and managers in program delivery methods in service to strategic and short/long-term goals.

Jennifer Gebhardt, VP of Online and Strategic Marketing
President, LaLumina Marketing, Jupiter, FL

With a strong track record for successful online marketing and her love of all things digital to find and inspire online audiences to action, Jennifer is the heart and soul of the 5 Steps to Rapid Employment’s online presence and brand management. As VP of Online and Strategic Marketing, Jennifer leads the website and Internet activities that will empower millions of job seekers to take back control in their careers and enrich their lives by landing the job they really want.



Ellen Block, Esq., CEO,
The Jay Block CompaniesPalm Beach Gardens, FL

Ellen is not only the CEO, she is the corporate attorney who manages the companies licensing, contacts, and partner relationships.  A 5 Steps to Rapid Employment expert herself, Ellen has been directly involved with the program since it’s evolution in 2001.  She is directly or indirectly involved with virtually all aspects of the Jay Block Companies and provides valuable insights and advice to all members of the leadership team and master coaches globally.