Certification Programs

5 Steps to Rapid Employment™ – Master Coach Certification (REMCC)

Ideal for anyone seeking to become an “industry leading” motivational, rapid employment professional, and to join an international collaborative group of industry visionaries.

Become the best of the best and own the most prestigious certification in the industry. The REMCC is a comprehensive one-on-one training program with Jay Block that covers his 5 Steps to Rapid Employment™. You will learn how to inspire and empower job seekers to become motivated, confident, and engaged in attaining their workplace goals and objectives.

This is a 4-6 month program (25+ hours) with weekly sessions by phone or Skype, weekly assignments, and a seemingly endless array of training tools including templates, worksheets, and instructor manuals. The program also includes 2 books by Jay Block (including 5 Steps to Rapid Employment™) and his powerful 5-hour audio book on emotional channeling (fear management) techniques.

Below are the 5 Steps to Rapid Employment™ that you will be introduced to:

  1. Learning How to Ride the Emotional Roller Coaster
    • Manage emotions – fear and adversity
    • Turn negative emotions into positive results
    • The 10 principles to rapid employment
    • The 8 enemies to success and how to defeat them
    • The 5 secrets to enjoying the campaign in pursuit of the job offer
  2. Defining a Goal that Enriches Life
    • Jobs / careers that enrich your life
    • Work to live; not live to work
    • Identify your signature life and workplace values
    • Make the best decisions using the Circle of Options model
    • The art of bridging to achieve your ideal job / career
  3. Using Value-Based Résumés and Self-Marketing Tools
    • The résumé as a self-marketing tool – a hiring proposal
    • The 4 questions a résumé must address
    • Communicate value and ability to produce significant results
    • LinkedIn and Facebook profiles to create online employment presence
    • The reference portfolio: the secret weapon to rapid employment
  4. Creating a Meticulous Action Plan (MAP)
    • A written action plan that is the tactical and strategic guide to rapid employment
    • Identify the 3-4 best strategies that result in rapid employment
    • Resource management – the best kept secret of successful job seekers
    • A written MAP to conduct a successful job campaign and to live a high quality, happy life
    • Identify and neutralize potential obstacles to rapid employment
  5. Taking Action and Mastering a Few Self-Marketing Skills
    • Establish a highly functional campaign headquarters
    • Networking: create a personal sales force to help land the perfect job
    • Master interviewing techniques that result in job offers
    • Measure results and adapt accordingly
    • How to keep a job once a job offer has been accepted
5 Steps to Rapid Employment Master Coach

“I am amazed at how easy finding the right job becomes when my clients STOP searching for a job! Instead, they create a campaign, which they control. This seemingly small shift in thinking puts my clients in charge of their next job, yielding huge results. And we achieve this by faithfully following the 5 Steps to Rapid Employment.

“Working with Jay to become a 5 Steps to Rapid Employment Master Coach has tremendous benefits for my clients. Jay has focused on creating a reproducible method for living a more fulfilling life, and then used that structure to identify the 5 Steps taken by all successful job applicants. As I incorporate these steps into my daily practice with clients, the results are immediate. Using Jay’s teachings, my clients are more confident, focused and can clearly state their accomplishments. Their résumés go way beyond a list of responsibilities and they have stories to tell that illustrate their value. And my clients are able to manage fear and negative emotions that can otherwise derail their job plans.

“As a teacher, Jay gives everything he has to his students. He holds himself to a very high standard, helping all who work with him do the same. As I complete the program, both my clients and I are benefiting from the tools Jay has taught me. I am excited to offer 5 Steps to Rapid Employment to my clients. Teaching this method very quickly leads to ‘you’re hired’ for my clients and more business for me.”

Joel Quass, REMCC, Author
Charlottesville, Virginia

Certified Empowerment & Motivational Coach

Ideal for anyone seeking to become a highly respected motivational and empowerment coach / speaker in any area of life, and to join an international collaborative group of motivational and inspirational professionals.

  • HOW do you help your clients turn fear into power?
  • HOW do you help your clients think positive in the midst of chaos and adversity?
  • HOW do you help your clients secure a new job when they are down and depressed?
  • HOW do you help your clients “grin and bear it” when they are scared to death?

Securing a new or better job after being terminated, downsized or upon graduation is more a matter of mindset than anything else. Identifying, pursuing and landing a new job requires a positive, confident and can-do state of mind. Once fear, anger, self-doubt, humiliation and other such negative emotions are neutralized, then résumés, networking, job campaign strategies, and interview training can be effective.

This certification is for ANY PROFESSIONAL working in an environment where clients are battling their emotions. Career coaches, personal trainers, nutritionists, life coaches, physical therapists, and healthcare professionals, just to name a few, have become CEMC certified to empower clients to become self-motivated, inspired, and enthusiastic about their future – regardless of situations and circumstances they face.

Help Others with Life’s Most Difficult Problems

The quality of life is the quality of one’s emotions. It’s not what we drive, where we live, or what we’re experiencing that matters – it’s how we FEEL about what we drive, where we live or what we’re experiencing that makes all the difference. CEMC is a program that teaches you HOW to empower and inspire your clients to manage and control their emotions and fears in the wake of some of life’s most difficult challenges including:

► Job Loss
► Health and Illness Challenges
► Foreclosures
► Financial Problems
► Divorce and Relationship Problems
► Any Type of Fear

Learn What World Class Athletes and Entertainers Know – How to Manage Their Fears

Fear is the primary enemy to ALL success. When one loses a job, a loved one, a home or good health – fear, anxiety and stress take over and life becomes a daily struggle. The strategies and techniques taught in CEMC certification are strategies used by world-class athletes and entertainers. When you become a CEMC, you will be better equipped to empower your clients to succeed, you will significantly differentiate yourself from your competition, and you will possess cutting-edge strategies and become a well-respected motivational coach / speaker in your market.

This is a 4-6 week program with a weekly session by phone or Skype, weekly assignments, training tools including templates, worksheets, and instructor manuals. The program also includes Jay’s 5-hour audio book on emotional channeling (fear management) techniques.

Learn how to empower clients to:

  • Transform limiting beliefs to create anything-you-want beliefs
  • Understand and benefit from the 2 drivers of human behavior
  • Teach the 10 principles to all success
  • Defeat the 8 enemies to success
  • Select a few of the 16 emotional channeling techniques to overcome fear and negativity instantly
  • Find authentic peace and serenity in the midst of adversity and chaos
  • And much more!

“What a great teacher who presents very powerful information. I truly enjoyed every minute with you, and wished we had more time. I went home every night “thirsty” for more, and not wanting to go to sleep thinking I might forget something. Thank you again for all this valuable information that will be an asset to help me better serve our customers – especially those who are experiencing a sense of hopelessness, frustration, and uncertainty. What you teach is absolutely ground-breaking and, most importantly, it works miracles!”

Eileen Penkalski
Michigan Works!, Southgate, MI

Advanced Résumé Writing Certification (ARWC)

Ideal for anyone seeking to become a world renowned résumé professional, one who is highly respected for creating powerful and effective self-marketing presentations – as opposed to those typical boring assembly-line, cookie-cutter résumés that only result in a painful and underachieving job search.

This certification is an ADVANCED TRAINING PROGRAM conducted one-on-one with Jay Block. Jay is a best-selling author of 12 books published by McGraw – 6 of them on résumés. Jay chaired the committee that created the first-ever résumé certification process in the US in 1991, and is recognized as one of the nation’s top trainers in the areas of résumé development as a SELF-MARKETING document.

The centerpiece of this certification is The Organizational Message Chart© (OMC). The OMC is a groundbreaking model that will forever change the way you will create résumés and prepare clients for interviews. Many of the world’s top employment professionals, including Department of Labor and Workforce Professionals from around the nation have been trained in the OMC approach to résumé writing.

This is a 4-6 week program with a weekly session by phone or Skype, weekly assignments, training tools including templates, worksheets, and instructor manuals. The program also includes Jay’s best-selling book: 101 Best Résumés to Sell Yourself (McGraw-Hill).

What you will learn in this certification program:

  • The 3 critical components to becoming an EXPERT résumé professional: content, presentation and strategy
  • The 4 questions every résumé must answer
  • The Showcase Format and how to create résumé masterpieces
  • The two principles to powerfully deliver the employment section of every resume
  • Managing and overcoming tactical problems (job gaps, long term unemployment, etc.)
  • Efficiency management and engaging clients in a synergistic manner
  • Providing 3 versions of résumés
    – The master résumés
    – ATS (Applicant Tracking System) résumés
    – PDF delivery options
  • And much more!

“Jay studies résumés from the employer’s perspective – and treats the process purely as a sales and marketing endeavor. When job seekers communicate relevant information that prospective employers want to see, job interviews and job offers naturally follow. The information, strategies and models Jay presents in his ARWC program are invaluable. Oh, and Jay is entertaining, fun to work with, and is our industry’s top professional.”

Deloris J. Duff, ARWC, President
Document Developers, Indianapolis, IN

Certified Employment Interview Professional

Ideal for anyone seeking to become a highly respected and effective employment interview coach and mentor. Interviews either lead to job offers or a continuation of the job campaign. If you want to be a catalyst for helping your clients win job offers with the right companies at the right pay, this is the most comprehensive and successful program available anywhere.

Created by Jay Block, this certification is offered through the Professional Association of Résumé Writers and Career Coaches (PARW/CC) – the career industry’s leading résumé and career coaching association co-founded in 1990 by Jay Block and Frank Fox. This is a home study certification using Jay’s latest 102-page master interview material as the basis of the training.

All roads lead to the interview – and the interview leads to job offers. The challenge for the vast majority of job seekers is that they are ill prepared to win job offers because they are ill prepared to interview well. The best résumés are insufficient if job candidates are unable to confidently sell themselves in interviews. Interviewing is an art that can be mastered.

Even job candidates who are scared to death of public speaking and presenting themselves in interviews can master this critically important skill that boils down to just three main components: 1) Value, 2) Fit, and 3) Likeability; three easy concepts that require extensive practice, preparation, and mastery. You will be introduced to the Organizational Message Chart© recognized as the most effective communications model for identifying and communicating value.

Jay unveiled new concepts in his 2014 revision of CEIP including:

  • The Art of Performance Storytelling
  • Carrot Dangling
  • Isopraxism
  • High-Tech, Long Distance Interviewing (Video and Skype interviews)
  • Show Me the Money (Effective salary negotiating strategies)
  • The four decision-making styles
  • And so much more!

“Jay Block was the first real superstar in the career services industry, and those of us who followed owe him for his leadership, expertise, inspiration, motivation, and willingness to share. Perhaps his greatest attribute is that while he was leading the field, he never stopped learning or breaking new ground despite many personal and professional challenges – including his CEIP certification program. Those of us who know him best admire how he continually raises the bar. Superstars make everyone else better, and Jay has done that for an entire industry.”

John Suarez, MBA, Trainer / Coach
“I Write Success Stories,” St. Louis, MO