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A highly acclaimed presenter, Jay Block is one of the world’s top authorities in the field of employment and career management. Through his dynamic 5 Steps to Rapid Employment™ system, and Courageous Health principles, Jay teaches job seekers, employment / career professionals, and entrepreneurs how to leverage their skills and potential to achieve extraordinary results.

What makes Jay’s presentation so effective is that he combines new ways of thinking with action techniques to inspire success achievement, turning impossible into possible.

Jay is known for his powerful presentations filled with valuable and timely information delivered in a dynamic and humorous style, always keeping his audience fully engaged. His material and strategic approach results in participants being able to put their new knowledge and skills to work immediately.

Jay’s clients include workforce development organizations, private, public, and faith-based organizations, non-profit organizations, international trade associations, real estate firms, and other elite professionals. He has taught audiences around the world how to easily create a more meaningful and prosperous future by following just a few foundational principles and disciplines.

Jay Block is the perfect presenter when you want to:

  • Empower workplace growth, success, and employee / employer engagement
  • Shift your team’s teaching methodology from searching to campaigning for top jobs
  • Cultivate a peak-performing workplace culture to excel in a competitive, global market
  • Expand your team’s ability to positively influence meaningful change
  • Challenge your team to rethink the status quo and maintain a competitive advantage
  • Redefine your team’s beliefs (and actions) about highly effective employment strategies
  • Turbocharge your organization’s employment and productivity initiatives
  • Obtain win / win outcomes – regardless of circumstances and situations
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Jay in Action


Two Ways to Stay Positive When the Spaghetti Hits the Fan (SEMCA)


The Challenge to Succeed in the Post Great-Recession Workplace (CareerSource Brevard)


Transform Your Chronological Obituary Resume into a Powerful Self-Marketing Document (Schoolcraft College)


The Greatest Strategy for Attaining Job Security + Career Advancement (Worth Builders)


A Dose of Vitamin “J”

Learn how a subtle shift in focus helps maintain a peak-performing state of mind, particularly in the wake of setbacks, rejection, adversity, and negativity.

Based on Jay’s bestseller, Courageous Health, this inspiring, fun, and principle-based program teaches key emotional channeling techniques used by world class athletes to maintain emotional vitality at all times – inclusive of life’s bumps in the road. These success techniques can be utilized to dramatically increase effectiveness both personally and professionally.

Re-think What You Think You Know

Beliefs drive emotions and emotions drive success. Empowering beliefs result in massive success and limiting beliefs result in massive underachievement. This program takes the Two Laws of Strategic Achievement and applies them specifically to one’s worklife and personal life.

If we wake up today with the same thoughts we woke up yesterday, the future will be a repetition of the past. Jay will help your team identify conditioned beliefs that are limiting success achievement, and recondition them to optimize individual and organizational potential.

5 Steps to Rapid Employment™: Land the Job You Want at the Pay You Deserve

Based on Jay’s best-selling book and online program, 5 Steps to Rapid Employment™, this highly motivational and process-driven program provides indisputable evidence that job search (and job hunting) don’t work in today’s complicated, never-before-experienced workplace.

Not unlike a high-energy, proactive Madison Avenue marketing campaign, a job campaign must be conducted the same way – as a self-marketing campaign. Job seekers must believe in themselves, know their value proposition, and be able to communicate their value proposition to prospective employers confidently and effectively. When job seekers faithfully follow the 5 steps Jay teaches, rapid employment is virtually assured.

Create Anything You Want Equation: It’s Infallible!

This is Jay’s most recently developed blockbuster program. It’s true. You can have anything you want. The “Create Anything You Want Equation” is a success formula to achieve anything you desire. Well, more acutely, it’s a success formula to achieve anything you are “committed” to achieving. And here’s what’s most exciting. The equation is “infallible” — meaning it works for anyone or any company at any time, to achieve anything.

How strong is your desire? Do you feel worthy of creating all that you want? Can you muster the courage and determination to take massive action to achieve your desires? All worthwhile endeavors will be met with significant resistance. This is a Law of Success. And the strength of your desire, your feelings of worthiness, and your commitment to take the right constructive actions determine how successful you’ll be in meeting and defeating the resistance you’ll face.

Do any of the thoughts below resonate with you or your organization? If so, this program is definitely for you.

  • Success isn’t in the cards for me
  • I’m just not lucky or we never get the break we need
  • “Struggle” is my middle name
  • The more I try the farther I fall behind
  • My dreams always turn into nightmares
  • Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be
  • Why can’t I achieve the success that others have achieved

Jay Block gets it. The real problem, the root cause of underachievement, is that most people weren’t taught HOW to create what they want. Once you understand and master the Create Anything You Want Equation, you’ll be able to… well, create anything you want.

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McGraw-Hill Mentorship Program, NY, NY

Schoolcraft College, MI

Professional Association of Résumé Writers and Career Coaches (Throughout the US)

Georgia Department of Labor

Southeast Michigan Community Alliance (SEMCA)

Urban League of Palm Beach County

State of Ohio, Department of Labor

Keller Williams, Jupiter, FL

Sorensen Realty, Vero Beach, FL

Waterfront Properties & Club Communities, Jupiter, FL

Opulence Real Estate International, Miami, FL

PGA of America, PBG, FL

Professional Placement Network (PPN) / CareerSource Broward, FL

Florida Bar Association, Orlando, FL

National Association of Workforce Development Professionals, PA, MA, MI, GA, NY

Chandler Hill, Inc., Las Vegas

Bradley-Morris, Inc., Military Job Placement Services, GA

MacDill Airforce Base Employment Center, Tampa, FL