Wilson Patterson
Wilson Patterson
Sales Manager / Houston, TX

I have been working Jay Block’s 5 Steps to Rapid Employment system for years. Most recently, I used it to relocate from Florida to Texas. I wasn’t sure how I would be able to manage a job campaign given the complex logistics associated with relocating. But once my self-marketing tools were created and we developed a strategic written plan… I just executed the plan and landed a job in less than 8 weeks. I love the job I’m working at and love being in Texas. If you’re seeking a new or better job, Jay’s 5 Steps to Rapid Employment is the only way to achieve… well, rapid employment!

Victoria McLean
Victoria McLean
Director, City CV / London, England

Whether you are a job seeker or an executive, an employee seeking better positions or a professional, Jay is an outstanding and motivational career and employment expert.  He has written over 18 books, but you could write an entire book about his passion, his innovative and strategic approach to career management and job search, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, his true desire to inspire people to live high quality lives.  He genuinely cares!  After just a few sessions with Jay, the quality of my work was completely transformed. The results I now produce far exceed what I ever thought possible for myself.  He truly delivers ground breaking ideas, tools, and tactical methodologies that lead to rapid success.  Jay certainly surpassed all of my expectations and the process was both inspiring and fun!

Stephen C. Horn
Stephen C. Horn
Senior Director, Software Development / Oracle, FL

Jay Block is one of the top, if not THE top, career and empowerment coaches in the nation. He approaches everything he does with the primary mission of exceeding expectations and ensuring that stringent goals are consistently met. Jay is NOT your typical coach. He is innovative and a pioneer in creating new strategies and programs for individuals and organizations that work exceptionally well in today’s ever-changing economy and job market. I have worked with Jay for over 10 years and have recommended him to dozens of people who were struggling in their careers (and in their lives). Jay is a student of success.  He understands the fundamentals that will allow anyone to become successful and happy if that is a goal one has.  His approach is refreshing, empowering, and most of all… life-changing.

Ross Primack
Ross Primack
Moderator/Trainer / Connecticut Department of Labor

Over a decade ago, I participated in one of the finest and most innovative training sessions of my career. Through this training, I obtained my certification as a CEIP (Certified Employment Interview Professional). The program was facilitated by Jay Block. As a facilitator, he is a role model without peer. Jay can captivate and engage an audience whether it's in person or during a webinar. As an innovator in the career industry, I consider him to be a worthy successor to the legendary Richard Bolles. Jay is a visionary with an intuitive ability to identify and articulate 'outside the box' solutions and strategies for securing employment. Since obtaining my CEIP, I have participated in his other webinars and read his books. Jay's latest offering, Five Steps to Rapid Employment, belongs on the shelf of every career professional. In addition to stellar strategies, he's infused this publication with a solid motivational component that energizes the reader to realize success. Jay empowers everyone he works with, helping people put their careers and lives back in order.

Robert Penkala
Robert S. Penkala
Director of Career Services, Macomb Community College / Michigan

Jay Block's workshops and books are invaluable for graduating students. The process and motivational aspects of Jay Block’s 5 Steps to Rapid Employment will ensure graduating students are able to optimize their learning and skills to secure employment that leads to enriched lives. All college and university Career Centers must teach this critical component to workplace management – and this will literally change the future workforce.  He will be invited back year after to year to assist student optimize their educational and academic experiences.

Melanie Graham
Melanie Graham
Livonia, MI

I am a college graduate and my parents told me about 5 Steps to Rapid Employment.  I was skeptical at first, but when I completed the program I asked myself “why this isn’t a mandatory college course?”  It is so important to be in control of your career – and this program certainly helped me to overcome fear, attain needed confidence, and land a good paying job.  I am now in control of my career and my future.

Louis Brown
Louis S. Brown, DC
Chiropractic Physician / NJ

I am a Chiropractic Physician / Clinical Director in New Jersey and hired Jay to assist me with my career goals and objectives including building a professional brand, online presence, to grow my practice. I was unskilled in social media but Jay taught me how to optimize LinkedIn, Facebook, and my own website. Seeking new clients is not unlike seeking a new job – and I followed Jay’s 5 steps to rapid employment – which I transferred to 5 steps to rapid business expansion – same model and same extraordinary results.

Jerry Bills
Jerry Bills, Ph.D., MBA
Colorado Springs, CO

You don't become a best-selling author without expertise, innovation, and a bucket full of absolutely unique success strategies that can be communicated simply and effectively. Others might say ‘they threw away the mold after Jay was made’ but I would say that Jay ‘created the mold’ that others can only admire and attempt to replicate.

Chad Moore
Chad Moore
Diversity, Inclusion, Job Creation / Ohio

Jay is a life-impacting individual. I had the pleasure of working with Jay on a statewide project in Ohio, and he went above and beyond my expectations both professionally and personally. He created a program that helped ‘thousands’ of unemployed workers in Ohio land jobs quickly and effectively.  Jay is a wealth of knowledge and contributes that knowledge with vigor and passion. Jay played a pivotal role in making my project more successful than I thought possible.  Today, I still follow him online, and the wisdom he imparts continues to positively impact my life and those people I work with.

Billy Locker
Construction Management Executive / Palm Beach, FL

Jay has been my career management coach for over 12 years. He challenges his clients to improve every day; to add more value professionally and personally every day; and to squeeze the juice out of every day in every way. We tend to take ourselves for granted and don’t appreciate all that we do, achieve, and contribute. I recently worked with Jay on my self-marketing tools and social media – and I immediately realized my value… I was proud of myself and my accomplishments.